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Intellize a professional consulting company that focuses on technology, information security, business continuity and training services that based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is managed by professional experts from various areas and sectors that comes with over twenty years of experience. Intellize consulting services differentiated by relatively with wide range of skill, knowledge and ability carried by the consultants.

Intellize supports not only innovation that marketplace relies heavily on which encompassed in intellectual, but we inspire organization to transform ideas into solution and results. We provide superior level of hand-holding, coaching, guidance, and advisory services throughout any project tenure with significant added value through its services level.

Intellize provides professional consulting and advisory services focuses on information technology, cyber security, business continuity management, risk management, project management and training and help you create advantage from every opportunity for productivity and business needs.

Our consulting services will help you to strategize your business processes, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimising independent advice. Our experts are flexible for project specific work and through careful planning and effective execution of the outlined strategy. Intellize was founded by expertise from various services and domain with a mission to inspire and innovate integration between people, process and technology on value-based leadership.

“We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an assurance and principles of sustainable development.”

Our Services

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Technology Service

Microsoft Platform Solutions

Virtualization Solutions

Office 365

Microsoft Azure

Business Continuity Management

Methodology and Approach

Assessment & Awareness

Understanding BCM ‘as is’ state
Establishing BCM Policy
BCM Awareness Training.


Business Continuity Plan Development
Corporate Continuity & Functional Recovery plan
Emergency Response and Incident Management Plan
Crisis Communication & Crisis Command Centre Plan


BCM Program Activities
Risk Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Recovery Strategies


Exercise, Maintenance & Audit
BCP Simulation
Update Document
Preparation for Internal Audit

Other BCM Offerings


IT Disaster Recovery Review and Advisory (Management Volume)


Develop Crisis Management Plan


Risk Assessment review and update


Business Impact Analysis review and update


Table top exercise (scenario planning, test script, test report)


Business Continuity Plan review and update

Our offerings

Cyber Security Assurance

Our cyber security experts help your organization identify threats, adapt, mitigate risk and mitigate the evolving threat and tighten the regulatory compliance landscape in your organization.

Strategic Advisory

We help to address your organization’s unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives to facilitate the development of robust security programs: • Implement information security strategy in most cost-effective manner, • Achieve efficiency by practical and manageable implementation of projects and initiatives, and • Maximize support of business functions and minimize operational disruptions.
Processes | Policies | System | Technologies

Cyber Security Awareness & Campaign

Our Security Awareness Training consists of repetitive training and ongoing, sometimes random, testing in the following areas of exploitation. The most prevalent IT security threats and thus the most up-to-date cybersecurity training include: -
Spam | Phishing | Spear phishing | Malware | Social engineering

Our cybersecurity best practices include:

Complying with all local and federal laws and regulations
Getting everyone on board — the entire organization, all or nothing
Establishing a required baseline of assessment
Creating a system of very clear communication about the program
Making the training intriguing and at least a bit entertaining
Enforcing, reviewing and repeating. No "set it and forget it" or "one and done"
Creating a culture of reinforcement and motivation for constant vigilance and learning

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